Thanks for Booking Me, It's Going to Be a Great Party!

Whilst we work on a very informal basis, the right thing to do is have a short list of terms and conditions :
 on booking hannahsfaceart it is understood that the bookie has read and understood the booking terms and conditions and the Disclaimer and the onus is on the bookie to read and understand the booking terms and conditions and disclaimer ( )

 Booking hannahsfaceart acts as a contract between Yourself and hannahsfaceart  and that You Agree With and Understand Your Party Booking Terms and Conditions and have read the disclaimer ( )

On  booking  hannahsfaceart it is agreed the full fee is payable if hannahsfaceart is cancelled or postponed by the bookie or organisation.

Any Parking Fines will be reinbursed by the bookie if hannahsfaceart incur a parking fine if the place parked is recommended and stated by the bookie that no parking ticket / fine will be issued.

Whilst hannahsfaceart visibly risk assess all the activities at the event and make them as safe as possible hannahsfaceart Accept No Liability for loss, injury or damage sustained whilst hannahsfaceart are present and not present and reiterate that the children are the sole responsibility of the parents/ carers and not of hannahsfaceart and the bookie is liable for any cost to replace or repair equipment, props or any item belonging to best kids parties damaged by any persons at the event .

Should the worst and unspeakable ever happen that hannahsfaceart is prevented from face painting
due to unforeseen circumstances, hannahsfaceart will only be liable for the deposit payed if payed  and no other monies.

See You at Your Party...Best Wishes Hannah


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